“We’ll store or deliver whatever you’ve got”

Every aspect of our business is attuned to safe handling and timely delivery. If you need goods unpacked and stored once your container’s off the boat, Rogers can both unload and keep a diverse range of goods in our secure warehouse facility.

We’re specialists in paper reel, palletised or general storage. For example, one of our major clients is a printing company that requires storage for the large reels of paper that are used in news, print and catalogues. We cart that paper off the wharf in its containers, unpack it at our Rocklea site, store it there and then send it to the printing facility as it’s needed—a no hassle solution for our client. Contract hourly hire, as well as pallet on / pallet off, allows us the adaptability and readiness to provide you with any and all services.

Want more information on warehousing? Let’s have a chat, and we’ll formulate the best solution for you.