The team at Rogers Transport is made up of the foremost transport and logistics experts. The company is the result of a dedication to hard work, customer service and professionalism.

We’ve grown from a single truck, run by founders Gary and Val Rogers in 1985, to an accomplished company of over 50 trucks, 90 trailers and 60 employees. Over 30 years, Rogers has grown and improved, but our goals have remained the same: deliver on our promises, and provide quality service to, and build lasting relationships with, our customers.

What sets us apart: customer service and strong relationships

Each business unit is driven by a desire to deliver the best service to our clients. Because we’re a very ‘hands-on’ company, every operation is tailored to the client, and we’re proud that we can flexibly meet the exact needs of each client. Working closely with clients to expand services is one of our hallmarks. We scrutinise your requirements, and adapt our services to suit your transport needs as your business changes and grows.

Our long-standing relationships with suppliers also ensures that our aims can be achieved by developing equipment that suits us. Reliability and safety is paramount, and we work directly with suppliers like Navman, Castrol, Freighter, Hammer, Isuzu and Kenworth among others, to maintain that reliability and safety across our business.

What sets us apart: innovation and improvement

Although the transport and logistics industry is one of the most challenging and competitive, we’re always pushing our professional standards higher to stay ahead of the competition.

By developing systems to reduce downtime and fuel consumption, and improve delivery times and safety, our proud service record is constantly improving. In fact, we’ve retained our blue chip customers for 30 years, and we’ve accomplished all this with no sales representatives. Customers approach us because they’ve heard about our reputation for offering quality, specific services.

We also have a strong emphasis on using, and improving on, quality equipment. Our container cartage division, for example, was recently strengthened with 8 side-loaders; interstate transport was bolstered by modern prime movers, new curtain-siders and flat top trailers; warehousing space has grown to 6,000 square metres; and our local distribution fleet has been tailored to provide a seamless fit.

To find out how our unique services can work, contact us now, and we’ll tell you more.