“We’ll even lend you one of our trucks”

Rogers Transport also offers contracts to clients to use our trucks. Sturdy and proven Kenworth and Isuzu trucks are available for businesses under contract for large deliveries or important projects. Each truck is kept fully-serviced, ensuring that you have a safe, comfortable and highly functional vehicle to fulfil your needs.

Presentation plays a big role at Rogers. All trucks wearing the company colours are pristine when they’re on the highways, and even when they’re not. Our ‘one truck, one driver’ policy has enormous benefits for the drivers themselves, for customers and for those who have contracted our trucks. One person is completely in charge of the vehicle, and that means they’re always eager to look after the unit over which they have ownership.

When considering one of our contracts, it’s good to know that drivers are also responsible for their trailer and equipment. This means that we don’t face the problems of some other companies, like missing straps: the right gear is always in our trucks.

Want more information on our vehicle contracts? Let’s have a chat, and we’ll work with you to help you find the right solutions to your needs.