Gary Rogers

Company Director

Three decades ago, Gary and his wife Val began a one-truck transport operation. In the years that followed, their children began working at the company too; their daughter now does administration and one of their sons looks after the local fleet. Rogers’ dream was of a family business that puts the customer first, and that dream has certainly come true. Today, Rogers Transport has over 60 employees, 50 trucks and 90 trailers. Gary has never lost his passion for the transport and logistics business, and is deeply involved in the day-to-day operation of Rogers Transport.

“We are focused on doing the right thing by the customer” – Gary Rogers

John Glass

General Manager

John is the epitome of the hands-on manager, and has worked with Gary Rogers for a number of years—becoming a close personal friend along the way. He’ll tell you that there’s nothing more important than being accessible and unafraid to get your hands dirty. As a very active participant in the business, John’s style is unlike other managers. If a truck has to be loaded, he’s not afraid to help load that truck. This style has earned him the respect of Rogers’ employees, and his leadership and management skills have seen Rogers Transport grow and improve.

“We get out there and help the guys do what needs to be done” – John Glass