The redesigned and rebuilt Rogers Transport website

Did you feel as though our website was getting a little outdated? Did you want more quality information about what we offer, or a better understanding of who we are? We thought you might! That’s why, as you can see, we’ve completely revamped our online presence, and brought Rogers into 2015.

Our primary goal with this redesign was to place a focus on client engagement. Because we’re committed to effective communication, we wanted to participate in more direct dialogue with all those who work with us—hence our new News feed. The latest about Rogers, including general company news and details about new services and personnel, can be found right here. Ensuring that each of our customers is collectively informed through our website, and your keeping us up-to-date with thoughts and feedback, allows us to provide the best service possible.

We also wanted to present Rogers Transport as the modern transport and logistics professionals that we are. With the redesign, relevant and detailed content is a priority; it’s important for us that our online presence is a useful tool for you. For new clients, this means getting to know the comprehensive end-to-end transport, warehousing and distribution services we offer in one click. For existing clients, it means knowing all the latest updates and important information right away.

Tell us what you think about Rogers 2.0! What do you like about our new website? What would you like to see in the future? We feel energised and, as always, ready to get back out on the road.